Who we are.

Emerald Mountain’s finest.

Since 2016

Flavor is our mantra, our flower genetics have been hand selected for high terpene production to provide the best flavor combined with desired body and mind effects when consumed or smoked.

We provide the largest flavor selection of quality candies in the 502 edible market, unique flavors like Lemon Creme, Horchata, Amaretto and Bourbon can be found in our lineup along with the best tasting Sugar Free candies in the industry.

We also offer 3 Sugar Free options which nobody in the industry matches as well as three 1 to 1 options. Our Gummy lineup focuses on natural flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry, Tropical and more, we use things like turmeric and beta carotene for coloring over chemical dyes you find in many of our competitors. Our decadent line of candies starts with Premium 54% Cocoa Dark and 33% Cocoa Milk Chocolate followed up by rich chewy caramels.


We are committed to providing the highest quality Cannabis products in the industry. We value our commitment to quality products and services that exceed our clients expectations.


We believe passionately in the power of cannabis to change lives, improve attitudes and ultimately heal the world for customers and our work family.

Our Story

Emerald Mountain is a 100% female owned producer/processor located in Tumwater Washington. The brand expands over a variety of cannabis products, such as Edibles, Concentrates, and Indoor Flower.


Emerald Mountain Provides

Edibles – Summit Candies-Chocolates – Emerald Mountain Gummies-COMING SOON!

Concentrates – Ultra Refined RSO Extracts – BHO COMING SOON!

Flower – Indoor Flower-Exclusive Genetics

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