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We provide the largest flavor selection of premier candies in the 502 edible market, unique flavors like Lemon Creme, Horchata, Amaretto and Bourbon can be found in our lineup along with the best tasting Sugar Free candies in the industry.


Edibles is where we started in the cannabis industry, We have the largest selection of affordable candy flavors in the market. We have the traditional Milk, Dark and White Chocolate candies but also provide many additional flavors like Horchata, Dark Bourbon, Lemon Creme, Dark Espresso just to mention a few.

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We pride ourselves in the quality of our concentrates, We started with RSO which many people mistake for distillate due to its quality and clarity. We then added BHO for sugar waxes and batters and well as adding Hash Rosin for a pure clean terpene rich flavor and enhanced body and mind effect.

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Pure unadulterated cannabis. Our flower genetics have been hand selected for high terpene production to provide the best flavors combined with desired effects whether consumed as a concentrate or its natural uncut form.

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About Us

As a 100% female owned business and 5+ years of experience in the candy-making industry, we take pride in our diversity in the workplace as well as our diverse selections of products from premium candies, concentrates and flower to premium chocolates, caramels and gummies.

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We are located in Tumwater, Washington. Just outside the Washington State capital of Olympia. Check out our retail partners throughout Washington State.
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